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  1. Setu_93 New Member

    Can anyone give me an overview on Fujitsu tablets?
  2. patrauleas New Member

    • Superbly bright (400 nit) 10.1” WXGA LED backlit IPS display with 160 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles. Great for collaboration and viewing in all types of working environments, including outdoors.
    • Anti-glare display supports both digital pen input and capacitive multi-touch
    • Extremely light weight at just over a pound and a half1
    • User removable 2-cell or 4-cell battery
    • Microsoft Windows® 7 Professional 32-bit
    • Future Intel® Atom™ Processor-based mobile platform (Oak Trail)
    • On-board 2 GB memory
    • Suite of security features: integrated fingerprint sensor, integrated SmartCard reader slot, FDE solid state drive (30 GB or 62 GB), Computrace® enabled BIOS, and optional embedded TPM.
    • Embedded 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless LAN and Bluetooth® 3.0 connectivity
    • Optional integrated mobile broadband (Gobi™ 3000 with GPS2)
    • Integrated front facing and rear facing cameras
    • Noise cancelling dual microphones for better speech recognition
    • On-system expansion: USB 2.0, SD slot, HDMI port, Audio Out, Dock connector
    • Support for intermediary VESA mounting plate or hand strap
    • Optional docking cradle supporting four USB 2.0 ports
  3. albi New Member

    I totally agree with everything npisal user before me. Our large family is a user of this product. And this is our first product. Now been used in the third. To long without malfunctioning. In case of failure, we just bought five this product
  4. Steve Member

    How much does this device sell for? Which retail stores carry them?
  5. Kelvin Fontwell New Member

    Hi, I used to work within Fujitsu , can you tell me where I can find the tablets now?
  6. Steve Member

    Thanks for the information!
  7. Steve Member

    Yes, where can you find Fujitsu tablets? Which retailers sell them?

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