Ekoore ET10TA tablet gets down with Ubuntu

Discussion in 'Ekoore Tablets' started by Triana Tina, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Triana Tina New Member

    The ET10TA from Ekoore of Italy wants to be different and is available in Ubuntu as well as Windows versions. It has your typical netbook specs in tablet form: 1.60GHz Atom CPU, 10″ touch screen and so on. The video should answer any questions on how touch does with Ubuntu.
  2. sherifadel2025 New Member

    it`s very good
  3. ankit New Member

    it's good
  4. Steve Member

    Interesting that they are making it available with Ubantu. Does anyone know why this is?
  5. Steve Member

    Has anyone used this tablet from Ekoore? I am interested in what your experience has been.
  6. Steve Member

    Are there any other Ekoore tablets running Ubantu OS? I am not familiar with their product line so I would appreciate anyone's assistance. Thanks!
  7. Steve Member

    Very good, indeed!
  8. Steve Member

    That is right on!

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