MSI WindPad 110 - $400 Tablet

Discussion in 'MSi Tablets' started by DDM, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. DDM New Member

    MSI WindPad 110 is running Android 2.1. Sporting a 10-inch touch screen interface, the WindPad 110 has a glossy, black exterior and is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chip, as opposed to many tablets which are running Intel’s Atom processor.
    WindPad 110 also comes with a USB port for peripheral access, and video-out capability, allowing you to view your photos and videos on the big screen.
  2. Steve Member

    Very nice! I still think that $400 for a tablet is a little high.
  3. Steve Member

    I saw a report that was released today announcing that this device is ready for pre-order at $599. I think that is kind of steep.
  4. Steve Member

    Has anyone spent this much on a MSI tablet? If so, was it worth the price?
  5. Steve Member

    Please post your experience with the WinPad 110.
  6. Steve Member

    Has the WinPad been upgraded to a new version of Android OS? I would hope that it is still not stuck with 2.1.

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