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Discussion in 'Viewsonic Tablets' started by Steve, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Steve Member

    Here are my thoughts on the Viewsonic tablet that I tried out yesterday.
    • Sluggish to move from screen to screen
    • Not very responsive - it would take a couple of taps on the icon for the app to actually open
    • Awkward setup for the hard key buttons.
    I was not very impressed with it and I would not purchase one. It was running Android 2.2.

    Anyone else have thoughts on this tablet?
  2. Steve Member

    Anyone have a review about any tablet from Viewsonic? Maybe I just had a bad experience. Thanks!
  3. Steve Member

    Has anyone purchased a Viewsonic tablet? There are not too many around and I am sure their devices are well made but I think the downfall is the older Android OS that causes the poor user experience. What do you think?

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